Recreating the Garden of Eden

Our Mission

Gardeners of Eden is a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching the world how to create a truly symbiotic relationship between human beings and the Earth. We believe that the best way to teach is to do.

This includes creating environmental solutions like sequestering carbon, restoring diversity of flora and the soil biome, and assisting a healthy population of pollinators. And, it transcends environmental solutions. This includes demonstrating energy efficient solutions like effective solar and wind technology, while maximizing the energy efficiency of structures. And, it transcends energy efficiency. This includes habitat building, teaching people how to live in harmony with nature, harvest an abundance of food from a small footprint, and utilize water for maximum efficiency. And, it transcends habitat building. This includes community architecting, exploring the complex psychodynamics of living in close proximity and interdependence with your neighbors. And, it transcends community architecting. This includes connecting people with the spirit of the land by providing places to pray, meditate, sing, and dance on the belly of Mother Earth. And, it transcends connecting people with the spirit of the land. 

Eden can be both a place and a mindset. And, the Gardeners of Eden is dedicated to cultivating both.

Non-Profit Operations:

Cultivation and Development of Land, Structures, and Community 
Hands-on teaching opportunities 
Creation of free online educational resources